Mona Plantsava 7L Watering Trough - B01H224HPC

  • Model: B01H224HPC
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    • Mona Plantsava 7L Watering Trough - B01H224HPC
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Mona Plantsava 7L Watering Trough - B01H224HPC

  • Suitable for planters between 20 and 60 litres.

  • Wide Range of Applications

  • Prevents Over- or Under-Watering

  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • The Mona Irrigation Plantsava Troughs are a unique solution for watering root balls and large planters, particularly in hard landscaped areas and large decorative plants without easy access for watering. The plastic tank is placed in the in the soil under the root ball to provide water and nutrients directly to the plant roots. The level of watering is controlled by the plant - The roots only take in as much water as they need, when they need it, reducing over- and under-watering. Using the plants natural capillary action encourages bigger, stronger and longer lasting growth.

    The Platsava Troughs are eco-friendly, manufactured from recycled and recyclable material, and reducing excess water consumption whilst maintaining regular feeding without the need for mains electricity or water supply. In optimum conditions, the tank will only need refilling approximately every 6 weeks, reducing maintenance requirements and costs. The tanks are ideal for deep planting in the ground or large planters, and can be planted at different levels to suit the plants roots. The troughs can be used alone or linked together to form a straight or ring irrigation system for watering larger root balls or lengths of hedging.

    The 7 Litre Plantsava Trough is suitable for planters between 20 and 60 litres.


    1. The Plantsava system comprises of a reservoir tank, filler pipe, air cap, float and capillary leg

    2. Insert the capillary leg into the central hole of the reservoir tank

    3. Place the float inside the filler pipe

    4. Insert the filler pipe into the secondary hole within the reservoir tank

    5. Fill the capillary leg(s) with a small amount of growing media

    6. Insert the assembled Plantsava into the planter, ensuring the top of the filler pipe is level with the top of the planter


    Mona Plantsava 7L Watering Trough - B01H224HPC